Bills and Budgets

Bills, bills, bills. The one thing that has us all adulting.

I grew up in a family that was bad with managing money. So I’ve basically learned on my own how to take care of myself and how do the things I want. I’m going to start this with the fact that I’m not a financial advisor of any kind, I just hate the feeling of struggling to keep myself afloat.

The easiest way to start your budget is to list out all of your bills and their due dates. Next compare that to your income and the dates you get paid. This is how you are going to set out when to pay which bills. This is all dependent on when you get paid.

Now, budgeting is difficult. Everyone has different scenarios. I’m a server and bartender so I bring my money home with me daily. I know how much I have to budget with and if I need more money, I just pick up a shift or two. My plan of action is to go ahead and pay everything at the beginning of the month so that I can use the rest of the month to make all my money for the following month. This works best for me because my bills stay the same from month to month.

My life also changed significantly when I realized that Regions has deposit smart atms. On my way home from work, I can swing by the bank at any time and deposit my cash. I don’t have to worry about getting there while the bank is open and it keeps me from having my cash on hand. This helps me out because I pay all of my bills online.

On the other hand, if you get paid twice a month or every two weeks you’ll have to take a different game plan. This depends on when your bills are due each month. Some people can usually pay part with your first check and then the rest with your second check. Some people have everything due in the same two weeks. Then, you’ll have to save ahead. Basically I’m saying to put away what you don’t need out of that second check and keep it for your bills. Yes, you can do this and still have fun money. It just may not be as much as you wish it could be.

Have a hard time saving money? The trick I use is to pick a specific amount and treat it like I do a bill. I make sure I put that amount in my savings account every month. It can be something as small as $5 a week or $50 a month, but eventually it will accumulate into a nice safety fund. You have to treat it as a bill. No touching the savings account.

These are just a few simple tricks. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone so just find something that works for you. Remember to keep your head up, you got this.

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