Nashville: One Day for a Newbie

Over the weekend I was blessed with a visit from my friend Chelsea. Chelsea drove eight hours all the way down from Raleigh, NC. This was Chelsea’s first time visiting Nashville and I was so excited to show her around.

Our very first stop on Saturday morning was Biscuit Love, a place known for its homemade, southern style breakfast. Biscuit Love is located down in the Gulch on 11th Ave South. After standing on the corner waiting in line for 45 minutes, a very nice couple told us that they had just left the bar and that two seats were open. By the way, the bar is open seating. This means if there are seats open at the bar, you don’t have to wait in line. After securing our seats, Chelsea went back to find the couple in front of us in line so that they could sit next to us. They were super thankful and shared some of their biscuit donuts with us. The biscuit donuts are amazing. They were warm, mascarpone filled, with blueberries underneath. A wonderful start to our experience. I ordered both a mimosa and an espresso. If you know me, I must have my caffeine but the mimosa was to start the day off in celebration. The mimosa was also phenomenal, topped with their fresh squeezed orange juice. We ordered so much food that it was impossible for us to eat all of it. Best grits I have ever had.

Our next stop was Broadway. We walked all around downtown taking in the sites. Even in the day time, there is a lot of colorful characters on Broadway. Broadway is best known for its bar scene and live music. As well as, several locations to purchase your very own cowboy boots.

After walking downtown and across the pedestrian bridge and back we headed to Centennial Park, home to the Parthenon. After walking around the park, taking photos, and playing some Pokemon Go; Sage joined us to tour the Parthenon and see the 41′ 10″ Statue of Athena that is inside.

Our last stop of the day was to Maggiano’s Little Italy, yes I went to work on my day off but the food is just that good. We had a nice dinner and some killer drinks. On our way out, Sage decided to head home and let us finish our girls day out and we headed off to Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Every year Opryland hosts A Country Christmas. They have many shows and activities but there is also the biggie which is the two million twinkling lights strung outside, and all over the different areas of the hotel. It’s magical and a must see for everyone. It’s a very romantic setting and I have had more than a few friends get engaged here.


At first, we had planned to go out on Broadway after Opryland, but we were exhausted from the long day and opted to just stay in and watch a movie. Chelsea headed back to Raleigh the next morning. She may have only been here for one day, but we totally made that one day count. It was a wonderful weekend for us and I can’t wait until the next time we get together. All my other Nashville peeps know that there is so much more that Nashville has to offer, but you can only do so much in one day. I love Nashville and can’t wait to explore more of this wonderful city.


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