Traffic: A Nashville Nightmare

As we all know the service industry rarely sleeps. I took another bye-week since I worked all through the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m slightly rested, but still working just as hard. What do I want to talk about today? Nashville Traffic. Yeah that’s right. This is a city of impossible drivers. I’m not even sure half of them even a license. I’m constantly screaming WTF through my car window and I have become best friends with my horn. With the holidays upon us, traffic has only gotten worse. So let’s chat about some of the things that are just absolutely horrendous.

  1. Changing lanes at red lights.
    • Illegal
  2. Weaving back and forth between lanes.
    • Cause that’s safe and you’ll get there much quicker.
  3. Following too close.
    • These people wonder why they can’t see on coming hazards on the road.
  4. Not speeding up with the flow of traffic on the interstate on-ramp.
    • Everyone should worry about getting crushed by a semi because the person in front of them is only going 40 MPH in a 70.
  5. Cutting people off only to slow down.
    • Restricting others’ view from hazards and braking real hard. This is safe.
  6. Driving in a lane that ends to try to by-pass traffic, then sitting with your blinker on trying to cut in front of someone.
    • Thinking that they’ll just slide on over, when really everyone hates you cause they know what you are doing. You can wait just like everyone else.
  7. Four-way stops.
    • Is it your turn? My turn? IDC…I’m going to go anyway.
  8. Blocking intersections.
    • Sorry your light turned green, I’m trapped here in your way because I suck as a human being.

I have many choice words that I like to use when I scream in my car at people, but I’m trying to keep it clean on here. Do everyone a favor and read a freaking driver handbook. If you find yourself questioning why everyone seems to honk at you or flip you the finger. The problem may not be with them, it just may be you.

I know traffic sucks pretty much everywhere, but with the vast rise in population Nashville just seems more dangerous. There are also a whole lot more things I could have talked about, but I wanted to keep the list short.


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