New Year, New Adventures

I hope that everyone has had a happy holidays. I know I have. I have also been very busy getting in quite a bit of overtime at work. The holiday season is an extremely busy time for the restaurant industry. The money is great, but I am oh so exhausted.

While everyone else is going about their New Year, new you business I am sitting over here trying to plan my next adventure. Now that I have been able to contact my family and let them know my plans I can let you all know as well.  February 17th I will be departing for Egypt.

I know you’re thinking, “Did I just read that right?”

But yes, you did.

My obsession with Egypt stretches back to my younger days. I have always been fascinated by the pyramids, pharos, and all of their history. Being able to walk the river banks of the Nile is something I’ve only ever dreamed of and now I get to make that dream a reality.

I cannot convey in writing just how excited I am. I get to take a huge step outside of my comfort zone and explore more of this amazing world. This is my first time visiting a predominately Islamic region. Basically all of my free time is researching what to wear.

I know many people are probably freaking out right now, however, I’ve been doing a whole lot of research about the area and it is completely safe despite popular opinion.

This is the trip of my dreams and my only wish is that Sage could join me.

No worries though I will keep you all updated.

*See below for a slideshow of Egyptian relics that I’ve photographed over my travels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures

  1. That’s a trip of a lifetime and one you can cross off the bucket list! I always wanted to go to Egypt, but the safety issue was a concern. It’s good to hear that it is safe even in today’s climate. I’m glad things went well. By the way, I work with Sage. He told me about the problem you had with your lens. I hope you resolve the issues you’re having. There is nothing worse than having your gear fail in the field. Oh yea! Nice photos!!

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