Rules of Engagment

As I sit here this lovely Tuesday morning, I find myself clutching my Ravenclaw coffee mug and staring hard at that new shiny ring that sits on my left hand. I am beyond happy, I would say absolutely beaming. Sage and I have spoken many times about marriage and engagement, but this is real. Sometimes I think I need someone to come pinch me and wake me from some crazy dream, but here I sit, awake and beaming.

Thinking back on how I managed to score such an amazing man, I can’t help but slightly reminisce on the path that led me to him. We as humans are all searching love, acceptance, and happiness but we must first crawl through many tragic chapters before we reach the good part of our love stories. I could tell you many of stories about the people responsible for those chapters but that would deter so far from where and who I am now that I’m just going to leave the past in the past.

Sage and I met while I was working at Spankies right across the road from his fraternity house. It’s a funny story because that first night I also met his younger brother who was hitting on me basically the whole night. We slowly developed into what I called a flirtationship. I waited for a while for him to ask me on a date, I even prompted it a few times but it just wasn’t happening. Afterward, I discovered it was because he was unsure if I would consider dating him because he was shorter than me. Apparently with my height and confidence I’m a little intimidating.

The main question I have been getting, other than “have you set a date”, is how did he do it? So here’s our proposal story. My first roommate in college, aka our proposal photographer, reached out to me on Facebook to tell me that she would be visiting Nashville for a day trip and wanted me to show her around our wonderful city. I told Sage, “Hey, Katie is coming to visit and wants us to show her around.” He responded with, “Oh cool. See if she can take some pictures for us while she’s here. I need a new profile pic.” So the date was set.

On the drive up Katie text me to tell me to make sure I dress cute for pictures. We took Katie to brunch at Maggiano’s when she got here and then started our tour around Nashville. We first walked around Centennial Park and then walked across the pedestrian bridge over to the symphony center. In front of the symphony center is a super cute fountain that I love taking my out-of-town friends to because of its quaint atmosphere and stunning view of the skyline. Katie told us that she wanted to switch lenses so she could get better photos and told me to set down my phone and sun glasses. While we were standing there talking Sage asked me if I wanted to toss a penny into the fountain and make a wish. Silly me, my response was, “No babe, that’s bad for the fountain.”

I know, face palm.

After a few seconds Sage turned to me and said, “Well do you know what I want to wish for?” He then reached into his pocket, pulled out the ring box, and got down on one knee.  Then I think he said something like, “I wish to spend the rest of my life with you.” But it’s hard to remember because I was so excited that I started to screaming, “Yes! I knew it!”

I know, I know. Not the most romantic of responses, but to be fair to myself I had been expecting and was just really excited. Also, this did not hurt Sage’s feelings that I was not surprised. He knew I was expecting, but I did let him think that I wasn’t I was clueless for most of the day. I wanted him to have his moment.

We celebrated with a beer on broadway, took a few more pictures at the bicentennial mall, got ice cream at Jeni’s, and then headed home. I am so thankful that Katie was there to share such a wonderful day with us. Our pictures are amazing! We ended the night by ordering a pizza, drinking Love Bird by Jackalope, and finishing off 13 Reasons.

It was such an eventful day and I just want to thank everyone for all of their love and support. You guys are truly amazing. This was the best day of my life and my cheeks hurt a little from smiling so much. I am blessed beyond words.

Maggiano’s celebration toast

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