Nashville: One Day for a Newbie

Over the weekend I was blessed with a visit from my friend Chelsea. Chelsea drove eight hours all the way down from Raleigh, NC. This was Chelsea's first time visiting Nashville and I was so excited to show her around. Our very first stop on Saturday morning was Biscuit Love, a place known for its … Continue reading Nashville: One Day for a Newbie


An Empire State of Mind

My days in New York were numbered, but I was determined to make them count. One of the first places on my list, of course, was the September 11 Memorial. Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? I do. I remember talking about it at school, but mostly watching it on tv … Continue reading An Empire State of Mind

Becoming a Sorority Girl: From Recruitment to Getting My Big Sis

Let me tell you all about my transition from small town girl to sorority woman. It's a long story so I'll be breaking it down into parts starting from the beginning. When I first started college I was alone. I didn't have anyone I was close with from high school going to Tech with me … Continue reading Becoming a Sorority Girl: From Recruitment to Getting My Big Sis

From Small Town to Music City

  On this beautiful Memorial Day, I sit on my patio taking in this fresh Nashville air. I'm thinking about this big move that Sage and I have just made and how I've managed to get this far. Growing up, not many people ever had faith that I would make something of myself, aside from … Continue reading From Small Town to Music City

High School Friends

In my intro I explained that I was not well liked. Let me further explain. I had friends. I didn't trust many people though, which kind of made the friend thing hard. In pre-high school years I had several so called "friends" that were the definition of mean girls. The sad part is, they weren't … Continue reading High School Friends