Nashville: One Day for a Newbie

Over the weekend I was blessed with a visit from my friend Chelsea. Chelsea drove eight hours all the way down from Raleigh, NC. This was Chelsea's first time visiting Nashville and I was so excited to show her around. Our very first stop on Saturday morning was Biscuit Love, a place known for its … Continue reading Nashville: One Day for a Newbie


Ghosts of Halloween Past

Happy Halloween Y'all!! This year is the first in three years that I'm not bartending the Spankies Halloween Party. I don't know what to do with my holiday free. I told Sage that we could carve pumpkins, because we haven't done that yet. Other than that I'm out of ideas. We don't really have a … Continue reading Ghosts of Halloween Past

Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Labor Day weekend has been kind to Sage and I. It was nice for us to have a little extra time together. Sunday night we attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival right here in Bellevue. It was a huge success and a couple thousand people were in attendance. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was very … Continue reading Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Happy Star Spangled Fourth

I hope everyone has had an amazing Fourth of July. Just to be clear, I didn't take another bye-week. I took a holiday this time. Mine was packed full of food, family, and fun. Sage and I spent three long days in east TN. Friday after the both of us were home from work we quickly packed and … Continue reading Happy Star Spangled Fourth