What do you mean you have to work?

For me working in the service industry has always been great. I get to be my charming self, meet new people, have a flexible schedule, and it keeps me active. BIG NEWS ALERT: In a recent twist (and a co-worker on maternity leave) I recently received a temporary promotion. For the time being your girl … Continue reading What do you mean you have to work?


Rules of Engagment

As I sit here this lovely Tuesday morning, I find myself clutching my Ravenclaw coffee mug and staring hard at that new shiny ring that sits on my left hand. I am beyond happy, I would say absolutely beaming. Sage and I have spoken many times about marriage and engagement, but this is real. Sometimes … Continue reading Rules of Engagment

Traffic: A Nashville Nightmare

As we all know the service industry rarely sleeps. I took another bye-week since I worked all through the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm slightly rested, but still working just as hard. What do I want to talk about today? Nashville Traffic. Yeah that's right. This is a city of impossible drivers. I'm not even sure half … Continue reading Traffic: A Nashville Nightmare

Nashville: One Day for a Newbie

Over the weekend I was blessed with a visit from my friend Chelsea. Chelsea drove eight hours all the way down from Raleigh, NC. This was Chelsea's first time visiting Nashville and I was so excited to show her around. Our very first stop on Saturday morning was Biscuit Love, a place known for its … Continue reading Nashville: One Day for a Newbie

A Leap of Faith

For those of you who don't know, I recently started a new job. Same thing, different company. People have told me that serving is serving, no matter where you are. WRONG. People from my previous job kept telling me that the place I was moving to wasn't as good as where I was. They said … Continue reading A Leap of Faith

Quick Visit to Stars Hollow

A few days ago Buzzfeed announced that we would be able to have coffee from Luke's Diner. Well this happened today. Since my move to Nashville I've found that more things happen here and I had my choice of three different coffee shops to try to hit this morning. Well the good news was that … Continue reading Quick Visit to Stars Hollow

10 Thoughts You Have While Getting Pulled Over For Speeding

This post was inspired by today's events. 1. Why do I get anxiety every time I see a cop car? 2. Oh...I'm getting pulled over. Why am I getting pulled over, this isn't fair. I don't why I                 should have to ride my brakes while going down … Continue reading 10 Thoughts You Have While Getting Pulled Over For Speeding

Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Labor Day weekend has been kind to Sage and I. It was nice for us to have a little extra time together. Sunday night we attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival right here in Bellevue. It was a huge success and a couple thousand people were in attendance. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was very … Continue reading Music City Hot Air Balloon Festival