What do you mean you have to work?

For me working in the service industry has always been great. I get to be my charming self, meet new people, have a flexible schedule, and it keeps me active. BIG NEWS ALERT: In a recent twist (and a co-worker on maternity leave) I recently received a temporary promotion. For the time being your girl … Continue reading What do you mean you have to work?


Lessons in Adulting

I've recently had a few amazing mentors enter my life and these women have taught me some very valuable lessons. I feel that these lessons have helped me to better myself in every aspect and I am beyond blessed to have these women in my life. I've learned not just how to have self-confidence, but … Continue reading Lessons in Adulting

Struggles of a Tall Girl

"Oh, wow you're tall." "Your legs go on for days." "I bet you played basketball didn't you."- Actually yes, I did. If you are over the height of about 5'8" people are constantly in awe over your height. Now at 5'10" I'm not extremely tall, but I am above average. I am constantly the friend … Continue reading Struggles of a Tall Girl

From Small Town to Music City

  On this beautiful Memorial Day, I sit on my patio taking in this fresh Nashville air. I'm thinking about this big move that Sage and I have just made and how I've managed to get this far. Growing up, not many people ever had faith that I would make something of myself, aside from … Continue reading From Small Town to Music City

Reinventing Myself

The best part about leaving a small town is that no one outside of it knows anything about you. When you finally leave, no one else knows about those times you embarrassed yourself or that you weren't that great at sports. They don't know about the times you messed up and made the mistakes you … Continue reading Reinventing Myself